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Self-Serve Platform Mediawire Revolutionises Press Release

Empowering individuals and organisations with real-time publishing and distribution of content makes Mediawire a powerful platform in News and Publishing industry. Here’s how the success story unfolds…

MUMBAI, India, Feb. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — India is at a pivotal position in the world as the chair of G20 Summit. Pacing to become 5 Trillion economy by 2025 with 7% growth forecast in 2023, India’s Financial Budget that was tabled on February 1, 2023 has upheld digital push to accomplish this. India is now welcoming all countries to partake in its technologically enabled growth trajectory.

In the Online Publishing segment, international brands can now directly communicate with the Indian ecosystem via revolutionary ‘Self-Serve’ access, quickly and precisely. Leading the path is Mediawire from the Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd with the renowned Times of India legacy. The digital teams and content creators that have built Mediawire connect the online publishing ecosystem to a Content Distribution Network, facilitating this process in the shortest possible time.

Mediawire personalises the precise talking point of a brand with content creation and distribution, online press release distribution and amplification services in India. This user-friendly, self-serve publishing platform supporting multiple regional Indian languages connects content creators to news portals, lifestyle sites and other niche web portals enabling direct communication with audiences.

This trustworthy, digital platform – Mediawire offers direct publishing in quick, simple steps on the Times of India Group news portals and other leading publishers in India.


In the digital publishing space, news and content are published real-time. An organisation can post updates and important announcements on their social media platform at all hours of the day, which is why it is important to have a wire service that can distribute your press release to digital publishers in the shortest possible time. Mediawire can facilitate shortest time to publish your content. What is extraordinary is that Mediawire offers equal opportunity to individuals and organisations to publish blogs, articles, press releases, corporate announcements, and other important communication real-time.


Imagine if you could take the shortest time to publish, you could do wonders with instant engagement and higher audience reach. This is indeed possible by a self-serve platform. Content can now be directly delivered to your consumers, vendors and stakeholders through online articles, graphics, videos, audio podcasts, downloadable surveys etc. A press release or branded article, namely content that comes under non-news category can be published real-time with appropriate disclaimers on news publishing websites. With a self-serve multimedia publishing platform, a paid press release distribution service can be highly effective to enhance the reach of your blogpost or article.

THE SCOPE IS IMMENSE & SO IS THE SUCCESS STORY: Guaranteed publishing of articles across India’s most premium digital platforms to consumers, investors, and stakeholders in your own words offers an unparalleled advantage. You save time and are assured of complete control on your content. This unique feature from the Mediawire platform allows your content to be free of any contextual changes or errors arising out of third party editing or handling of your important communication. The platform ensures a guaranteed release on the chosen sites and prevents brand stories from falling through the cracks or getting dropped from publishing.


You can make your content publishing through Mediawire accountable and trackable, insert utm trackers and hyperlinks in your articles. Whatever your organisation’s content need may be: brand launches, press conference coverage, or announcements such as mergers, acquisitions, awards and recognitions, annual or quarterly results, company AGM report or CEO speak. webinars, podcasts, corporate social responsibility led activities etc Mediawire offers relevant publishing opportunities.

Make your content marketing more engaging by adding:

  • Infographics, slideshows with images, videos (including YouTube video links), audio podcasts, social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) etc.
  • Hyperlink various terms and phrases within the content.
  • Include your email, contact number, website information and enable readers to reach out to you.

Mediawire articles supports multimedia content publishing and multiple hyperlinks within the article, you can also embed YouTube and other video links and social media posts in your articles.


Digital content creation goes way beyond conventional writing practices. Online content is aimed at working towards generating leads for their organizations to grow their business. Content marketing lies at the heart of the organisation’s inbound strategy. The content creation process needs to be highly insightful and native to the region. Mediawire team of writers are highly experienced journalists across industries and languages. Mediawire provides content writing and translation services in 10 languages to ensure your communication has the desired impact.


Press release and content distribution; content creation and marketing with diverse content blogs by Mediawire set the tone for trends and interviews. Regional languages in India ensure greater penetration in the market, our Publisher Network spans 10+ languages across the various states of India. To get an understanding of how the published stories appeal to a wide readership and the placement of the articles on publisher platforms through the Mediawire service check out Published Stories.

The world can now communicate with the fastest growing economy of India (Growing 7% in FY23) in a tech-enabled manner. Mediawire is the only wire service that offers confirmed publishing on Times group news portals such as Times of India, Economic Times, Timesnownews, Navbharattimes, Maharashtra Times, Samayam (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam), Vijay Karnataka, Eisamay, Cricbuzz and other portals from the Times Of India Group in India. Publish on a variety of premium publishers in India outside the Times Group in various categories such as Business, News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Technology, Industry or Entrepreneurship.

Transcending borders with technology in online publishing segment, direct access via ‘Self-Serve’ to publish content or send press releases to leading stakeholders in India in the shortest possible time is now seamless through Mediawire.

Author Nimisha Tiwari

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