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Golden generation marks fifty tears of Gaelic Games at Ulster University

This year Ulster University Gaels will mark 50 years since its first Gaelic teams took to the field. Underdogs, but with a bark and a bite that belied that initial lowly status.

Since then the success story of Gaelic clubs at the University has grown beyond all expectations. Fielding teams, and winning competitions tells only part of a story.

Former club members have gained success in boardrooms, in business and industry as well as victory in Croke Park and Clones. Fifty years of Gaelic Games has given Ulster University a genuine who’s who of sport, business, industry, education including politics. UU people are people who have been successful in every walk of life.

Interest in playing for the jersey transcends parish, club and county loyalties. UU has players who have soldiered in the trenches together whose clubs are implacable adversaries back at home. Yet when they get there, many drawn by the prospect of representing the university in football, hurling or camogie, these rivalries are put to one side and forgotten.

“We have always said the University clubs are about ‘Friends for Life’, said club President John Farrell.

“Ask Ulster University Gaels about their memories and how being involved made them feel. The memories are as golden as ever, the defeats as raw, the victories as sweet, and the friendships a lifelong bond, now 50 years and still growing.”

A gala banquet, golf tournaments, exhibitions and reunions are just some of the events planned.

All past players and members in Camogie, Handball, Hurling, Ladies, and Men’s Football are asked to provide an email to join Ulster University’s Gaelic Alumni and to be kept informed now and in the future.

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